Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labour Party Without the Union Vote?

In an effort to expand their appeal, the Labour Party is slated to permit registered supporters to vote in leadership elections thereby diluting the influence of the unions. The move will give people who are not members of either the Labour Party or its affiliated unions a say in the choice of future leaders. The new "registered supporters" is designed to permit people who are interested in the Labour Party but do not want to become a fully-fledged member. And hey, registration will be free. Are you going to jump on board?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Purple Power in Labour Party

There was a time when public spending cuts wasn't the name of the game for the Labour Party. Those times are gone. In an age where fiscal credibility takes center stage in a struggling economy, finding ways to balance the books is more appealing to voters. Albeit, cuts to social programs isn't desirable to all, policy ideas in the Purple Book are a way to pave the path into the future for the party. Do you have a progressive outlook for the Labour Party? More :

Labour on Palestine

There seems to be some consensus around the future statehood of Palestine as The Labour Party is in general agreement to recognize both the state and UN application. Not to accentuate the obvious--UK, USA, et. al . stole the land from Palestinians then armed Israel..... No point going on but one thing's for sure, the issue is so complex and a solution so far from arriving (if it ever will.) Statehood is an interesting and expected progression for Palestinians, we'll see if UK and USA permit it.